श्रीदेवी को नहीं थी दिल की कोई बीमारी - Shree Devi Ki Mot Kese Hui पुरी ...

Shree devi पुरी सच्चाई जान आप रो पड़ेंगे shree devi ki mot kese hui ??? Bollywood's famous actress Sridevi is not interested in any identity. His name is enough to know. Sridevi, who was known by the name of AirAir, was known for his style. The whole country is in shock for the news of Sridevi's demise, which has died in midnight in Dubai itself. Those who know this bad news are still not convinced of this.

Tell all you believe in the news of Sridevi's death due to heart attack, at the time when Sridevi suffered a heart attack, she fell down in the bathroom as we have told you that she is happy with her daughter in marriage Arrived in Dubai in an entertaining way. But after a heart attack, he had broken himself in the bathroom. But he was taken to the hospital. There are also reports that they were already getting nervous. After that he went to the washroom but could not come back alive from there. After taking the hospital, the doctor declared this famous actor dead. Along with the entire family as well as the entire country is in shock, nobody can believe the news.

Sadly, 54-year-old Sredi Devi, who is known for her savvy style, is not among us today. Friends, in their film life, Sridevi won the hearts of the people of India, enough of her acting. And as well as all over the world, he wants them. On February 24, 2018, in the 54th year of age, Sridevi left the world. But he made a place in our heart forever. Our salute to this great actor

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